Xandy Kamel has made a wild allegation against Akuapem Poloo on social media and she has reacted. According to Xandy Kamel, Akuapem Poloo was chopped by heart by some men in Kumasi when she went to shoot the movie “Baby Mama”.

Xandy Kamel specifically made mention of a man who came to pick up Akuapem Poloo from the set to his house and slept with her.

Although names were not mentions, Akuapem Poloo herself has revealed it was Brother Sammy, the gospel musician who came for her on set and took her to his house.

Akuapem Poloo claims that she did not sleep with Brother Sammy as Xandy Kamel is alleging and wants everyone want to believe.

Instead, she went to Brother Sammy’s house to shoot an advert for him on his miracle water which he claims cures HIV AIDS, TB, Cancer Diabetes, etc

She went ahead to swear she never slept with Brother Sammy as she has been accused of doing. She even added the advert shot that day to prove Brother Sammy did not ‘eat her’ that day…lol

Akuapem Poloo posted:

Sometimes I decided not to mind fools when they talk like they have hard Sh**t in they’re ANUS. I planned not to post this video after I did it for @brodasammy_nationsworshipper; because I wanted to be sure of the medicine

@brodasammy_nationsworshipper please kindly tell those fools who want to know why they saw me in your house you needed me to talk about your spiritual Medicine for you. And Haha if someone fvcked me in kumasi is my pu$sy your mother’s? Foolish she-goat. They always looking for people downfall and because Tracy called us for big roll they’re dying ooo.

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