So baby is halfway to his first birthday, congratulations, you’ve been doing exclusive or nearly exclusive breastfeeding for the past six months. It’s been tough, I know.

Now your baby should be able to roll over both ways, sit independently each and grasp a toy, transfer an object from hand to hand and babble( baby talk), play peek-a-boo and begin to show a reasonable fear or dislike of strangers…he or she may be slow but he’ll catch on.

By now her hand to mouth reflexis are strong and she will be showing great interest in your food, some are very keen on plates and spoons. So now is up to the big business. How do we get your little one to eat like his mom or dad?
we can now give water ok? And there is no fuss, you can filter, boil and cool some clean water keep it in a nice bottle for him or her. Or you can follow the timeless tradition and buy bottled water.

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Second thing, what’s on the menu?
Everything you’ve been been eating with less or no pepper. I know most people turn to these ready made cereals which is err…fine, but don’t give that only, try to break the habit. Open secret is ; your baby is going to get used to what you give. More over his or her taste buds are likely to prefer sweet things. So most mommies and daddies complain that ” the baby only wants or eats Cerelac“.
I am not against any product, but things like baby formula and ready made cereals which seem to save time and money plus soothe and fill baby does not have all the nutrients he needs to grow. Most of them are carbohydrate based, it is by the grace of FDA and WHO that they have added a pinch of iron, vitamins and other nutrients. Ah, you doubt?
Let’s take it back to yesterday, when you and I were busy in class six.
” Yeeees, example of carbohydrates” the teacher would ask.
And you will be there, saying,” sir me, me, me. Tubers like yam and cassava. Then maize, rice, millet, wheat.”
“Ah clap for him.”
Then your head will become big, like we put it. ” How about proteins? ” And we will list with all our hearts,” beans eggs( both the white and the yolk),fish ,meat, soya , milk etc.”
And finally”, fats and oils?”
The list would now be ,” butter, margarine, palm oil and vegetable oil.”
” Who can give me minerals and vitamins?”
” Fruits and vegetables, salt and water.”
You will remember if you were not the first on the list when it was read bottom- up…or if you were not the fifty fifth of the fifty six students, when the actual fifty sixth went to a different school. (Please no hard feelings)
Aha, so now you judge, how much has the cute baby been getting from that sachet? Raw carbohydrates and a few fortifications…we pray that those ones should be naturally derived at least.. .
Meanwhile you should know that , kwashiorkor is a result of protein deficiency! And marasmus comes as a result of protein and carbohydrates deficiency. Sit there and be saying that these diseases are a thing of the past.
Give the baby what you eat. Give him some of the rice(soft) with the beans stew and salmon that you’re eating. Don’t forget to serve him that soft figure and soup ( scoop his before you add the pepper that his father loves so much) and the tilapia. Stop that cerelac day and night routine. When you are eating the banku and okro with shrimps and crabs invite baby, say one for me and one for u. If you like use the class six nutrition check list and see if the cutie pie wont gain so much more( and we can be sure it’s natural at least).
Your child gains a lot from your foods, like learning to enjoy our local foods, It will also help improve his fine motor skills( ability to use small muscles) since he’ll be picking and pinching and scooping. It’s a painstaking process, but it pays off, with a happier and healthier baby in the end. Besides where would we all have been without our local foods. Remember to add a finger of banana, a slice of water melon, a small cup of coconut water, or orange. He will mess it up, but he’ll also get a few minerals and vitamins. And top it up with breast milk, yes breast milk,
Baby has not been weaned yet so it still ideal, breast is still in his jurisdiction.
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