Taking to his official twitter account,

the former Spain boss, Luis Enrique


Our daughter Xana has passed away

this afternoon at the age of 9, after

fighting for 5 intense months

against osteosarcoma.

‘We thank you for all the love

received during these months and

we appreciate the discretion and


‘Also, we thank the staff of the

Sant Joan de Deu and Sant Pau

hospitals for their dedication and

treatment, to the medical nurses

and all the volunteers.

‘With a special mention to the

team of palliative priests of Sant

Joan deDeu.

We will miss you very much but

we will remember you every day

of our lives in the hope that in the

future we will meet again.

‘You will be the star that guides

our family.

Rest Xanita. Martinez



Xana, 9-year-old, has suffered from bone cancer for the last 5 months.

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