Have you ever noticed that your mood change when a certain song comes on?

Perhaps the tune holds some special memories for you, and takes you back to a moment in time when you felt joy, love, or pain? Whatever the emotion, something in the music resonates and your subconscious mind listens. In this respect, music is like a medicine, uplifting, energising and taking you away.

This got me thinking about the best music to play to help us fall asleep, and led me to a soothing playlist of songs that I believe aid a restful night’s sleep.

So from the club, to the yoga studio, and now to bed, the music in the playlist below is designed to give you the best night’s sleep of your life. It works by matching your breath, body and mind with rhythms and frequencies to help you heal and rest. I may never get out of bed again!


Credit DJ Krystal Roxx

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