American comedian and television host Steve Harvey seems to have developed a different purview of Africa and subsequently Ghana following his visit; his second to the continent in as many years.

In a video of the comedian in one of his stints on stage in the ‘90s which has since gone viral, Mr. Harvey is heard describing Africa as a ‘jungle scarier than the projects’.

…you can start the back to Africa movement if you want to, you’re on your own…. I’m from the ghetto, project bro… grew up with rules of the streets and the ghetto. I took them to Hollywood. I’m in Hollywood, surviving by the same ghetto rules. You can’t use them rules in Africa; they don’t apply…”

Fast forward to 2019, after honouring the invitation by President Akufo-Addo to all diasporans termed the Year of Return, Steve Harvey, obviously impressed by the outlook of things in Ghana described Africa as home and further spoke of being satisfied with what he was seeing.

…it’s nothing but greatness being here. This is home. The first time I came here, I couldn’t stop crying cos I had come to a place called home which I had never been and I felt robbed so I’m good now. Now you know we’re doing some businesses over here, we’re going to create some opportunities over here, we’re going to change the thought process and this is going to help shape, especially bridge the gap between African Americans and Africans cos that’s what you have to do…” he told the government delegation led by Tourism Minister Barbara Oteng-Gyasi.

…once you come here, you’ll get it. The more of us come here, the more you’d get it. When you drive down the streets it’s like driving down the streets in Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, Washington, you just keep seeing yourself. I thought five people were my aunts today; I thought I saw my aunt five times today, I know I saw some cuz’” he joked

He and his family are in Ghana for the year of return celebration, they have already toured various sites , including the very famous Cape Coast Castle where he broke down in tears.

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