With her usual sometimes inaudible voice, Billie Eilish‘s theme for the new James Bond film is a dramatic, unsettling ballad that hints the plot will centre around the secret agent’s betrayal.

The lyrics to No Time To Die reference lies and deceit, as Eilish sings: “You were never on my side.”

The theme song accompanies the official trailer for the Bond movie, starring Daniel Craig.


The song has already started receiving some rave reviews.

The Independent labelled the Grammy winner’s Bond theme as “one of the best we’ve had in some time”.

“The flourish of violins, electronic guitar and faint brass all pay tribute to classic Bond theme tropes, but Eilish’s subtle synth motif makes this song her own,” wrote Roisin O’Connor.

The Guardian described the track “a Bond theme befitting of the Craig era”.

“The pop sensation sidelines her trademarks for a tasteful track that matches the haunted solitude of its leading man,” said Alexis Petridis.

Eilish’s “downbeat noir is spine-tingling”, according to The Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick.

Finally, BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson tweeted he thought the track was the “first serious Oscar contender for next year”.

Fans of Sir Elton John, who won the best song Oscar last weekend, should look away now, though… because Paterson added the track was “better than any song nominated this year”.

Listen to the Song below

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