In less than 24 hours, Former America Got Talent Host, Nick Cannon has dropped two diss tracks targeted at Eminem.

He accuses Slim Shady of supporting Trump (“You voted for Trump, bitch, admit it”) and calls him a “drug addict.” “You’ll never be a legend,” raps Nick. “Look at all that fuckin’ Botox / Bitch, I know you embarrassed / Fuck all the tricks and the gimmicks, you like a new white supremacist / Say the same fuckin’ sentences / Ni**a, you ain’t no lyricist.”

Both diss tracks are yet to really catch Eminem`s attention, however , the legendary Rapper has also demanded an Apology from Nick Cannon, he tweeted

Nick Cannon however, decided not to apologies

so he dropped yet another diss track

Social media users and Hip hop lovers have since seen the funny side of this, check some reactions below

This battle isnt going away anytime soon, with Nick making it very clear he is going back to back untill Eminem responds, so please be in the waiting for yet another diss track soon.

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