Popular American Actor Samuel L . Jackson has been visiting West African countries for a six part documentary series about the harrowing sea voyage that brought millions of Africans, over hundreds of years, to a life of slavery, was spotted in Ghana

The series will chart the horror of slavery through underwater archaeology. Created by doc outfit Associated, the series is being timed to coincide with the 400-year anniversary since the first African was brought to the New World as a slave.

“For me, this is much more than a TV series,” said Jackson “For me, Enslaved is an attempt to give a voice to the millions whose voices were silenced.”

Enslaved is produced by Felix Golubev and Ric Bienstock and executive produced by Samuel L. Jackson, LaTanya Jackson, Eli Selden, Rob Lee, Simcha Jacobovici and Yaron Niski.

He was spotted at +233 Jazz Bar on Saturday night, giving a speech. The documentary,’ Enslaved’ has since taken him to Gabon, where the actor has traced his own ancestry.

He has been sharing some Life in Accra on his Social Media Handles.


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