Cassper Nyovest,  the famous rapper and founder of Family Tree Records, got into trouble over a tweet that he posted on artists in his country. He said that the artists of his country are not being appreciated for their music. He also wished he was a Nigerian.

It all started with a follower’s tweet prompting Casper to reply that his being born in Nigeria was his Dream while talking to producer Zakes Bantwini about the music industry’s existing condition in South Africa, he tweeted out his opinion saying:

“Shout out to Nigeria!!!! Big love !!! ” and “Won’t even lie. I wish I was from Nigeria too. The love they have for their own artists, the way they celebrate their culture, 90% local content on radio and TV, the way they celebrate their music no matter where they are in the world, the unity within their industry. A DREAM!”

Some sympathised with him while others hit back at him for this comment. The tweet created quite a stir as it was not received well by the rest of his followers. Memes and tweets from both the sides flooded the net.

Some even suggested the star to leave if he does not like where he is now.

“Cassper is ungrateful after all SA fans have done to build his Fill Up and brand.

Just buy a ticket brother take a first flight to Nigeria

He must also host his next fill up in Lagos.” one user tweeted.

It even topped the trending Twitter list. The reason for all the backlash was that Cass doesn’t count his blessings.

“Dude after the praises our people give you here in SA? Literally all your achievements we celebrate you Cassper. Yoh kaorata mara wa lapisa shem. Hambe Nigeria ke nono”, another user posted.

While others came to defend him and stated that the people reacting against his tweet are the ones who have never even bought his CD. But Cass did not seem to flutter at all and responded with a final tweet saying:

“Nope. Been through sooo much b***, nothing scares me anymore. They can tweet, write, publish articles, trend or do somersaults on top of a moving car. I am not moved. We stand firm! Grinding! Shinning!! TeamNyovest too strong!!  Fill Up 2019 loading…..”

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