On Thursday, residents of Wakara in El Tadamon gave the mining company in the area 72 hours to leave after large numbers of livestock and birds died since the company resumed its activities earlier this month.

Ahmed Mukhtar, Secretary-General of the National Committee for Environmental Advocacy, told Radio Dabanga that a vigil was held in front of the mosque of Wakara on Thursday, protesting the mining company’s presence in the area.

Notables and activists held a meeting with the locality’s executive director, in which they called for the immediate suspension of the company’s activities and an investigation into the deaths of the animals.

The National Committee for Environmental Advocacy supports their demands. In a statement on Thursday, the committee announced its “categorical rejection” of the governor’s decision to allow mining companies to resume their work in the region, and called on him to immediately cancel the measure.

The committee said it is closely following-up the work of the mining companies and is taking legal actions in case the rights of the people living in mining areas are violated.


Source : https://www.dabangasudan.org

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