Following a failed attempt in July, French inventor Franky Zapata successfully crossed the Channel on top of his hoverboard this weekend. Starting his trek in Sangatte in northern France, the journey took 20 minutes, before successfully landing in St. Margaret’s Bay, England.

“For the last five to six kilometers I just really enjoyed it,” Zapata told Reuters and other reporters, on landing near Dover. “Whether this is a historic event or not, I’m not the one to decide that, time will tell.”

Zapata, a former jet ski racer, developed the Flyboard Air some three years back. On July 14, Zapata took part in France’s Bastille Day military parade, riding the Air.

That same month, he attempted the feat for very first time, only to fall into the water when attempting to land on a boat-mounted platform in order to refuel the hoverboard.

He stopped again to refuel midway during this second attempt, but did so without incident this time out. Three helicopters were on standby and a crowd of dozens of well-wishers were on hand to cheer him upon landing.


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