Sensational Ghanaian singer – Worlasi only few days ago announced the release date for his second Album titled Worla (the man and the god), according to the artist, who shared the inspiration behind his new Album during his listening session ,

Five years ago, I made _‘Nuse – (Strength Within).’_ I was at a point in my life where I needed to finally get out of my shell and face the world, and making that project was my way of doing that.

Music has always been therapy for me, and the things that were bothering me, the things I didn’t understand, I poured into that mixtape. _Nuse_ pulled me out from the embers of myself, and like a parent does to a child, taught me how to walk.

Now I bring you WORLA (the man and the god) I am out of my shell now. I can walk, run even, and I see things differently. I am no longer unsure of what is in front of me. I can face the world. I see the world for what it is, and it makes me happy but angry sometimes.

Human beings with power and privilege play god on earth. They do what they like, decide who should die and who is more worthy of life, who to help and who can rot, who deserves opportunity and who it must be taken away from.

Humans are using their positions and abilities to do unspeakable things to each other. The powerful do not care. Worlasi is facing the world .. it’s beautiful but ugly – WORLA (’The Man, And The God.’)

By the grace of the God and all the Humans I work with. I hope you love this side of me.

He tweeted.

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The Album and his style has since been likened to that Legendary Fela Kuti , Osibisa and Ebo Taylor. Worlasi however, emphasized that at the end of the day, he is Worlasi and in as much as he’s grateful and ‘shy’ that he reminds everyone of some great musicians, he intends to leave a mark as Worlasi.

He further explain that the album is a collaborative work between himself and the Senku band.

The band worked on the production, did all the composing and he did all of the writing.

He also added that the meaning behind the title of the album was not because he thinks he’s God but because he feels we all have God in us and with the right amount of work and dedication, we can all tap into our inner god and reach greatness. The album is basically a reflection of his thoughts, fears, confusion et al and… the reviews from all the invited guests at the listening session were all very positive.

He also  mention during the listening session that his songs were samples from Osibisa and the album is also actually a live recording of all the songs.

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